About Us

NGPF Production Ltd

It all began with the  misfortune of a friend of mine in  obtaining his wedding video we were all disappointed since we were in the video industry, it didn’t take us long to notice that the wedding video industry had a lot of room for improvement, most videos felt boring and static or worse yet posed and cheesy, and looking at the poor quality video makes me realize that why not sharing our professional videography background with others and  it started of course with the shooting of my own wedding in 2001 .

Drawing on our film and television background we began shooting the wedding in the most cinematic way possible while at the same time capturing the true emotions of the day by shooting in a documentary style, since then I instantly fell in love with shooting weddings as what could possibly be better than being around all that love, happiness and “good food”. Our wedding videos are artistic and full of heart, capturing every moment of your special day – Creating what is not just a wedding video but a cinematic walk down memory lane. So take some time and have a look around…